Hear from people who we have engaged with on our leadership journey.

Today has been an amazing day. Job interview went well. Leadership summit led by Mrs. Ann Divine was authentic and real.
— Martha Mutale
Your presentation on Unconscious Systemic and Personal Bias was both informative and
relevant to present-day organisations. The feedback already received on the event has been unanimously and overwhelmingly positive.
— J.D.S. Lanford, Captain (Navy), Commanding Office, The Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces
Your presentation was very well received by the AFC members. As you indicated, a diverse workforce is one that is representative of and reflects all people in Canada. Greater diversity and inclusion enable organizations to leverage the range of perspectives needed to address today’s complex challenges while creating a unique opportunity to become more engaging. 

You clearly demonstrated that diversity and inclusion are everyone’s responsibility.

Again, thank you for sharing valuable information and insights with the AFC.
— Francis P. McGuire Chair, Atlantic Federal Council

I want to thank you for having come yesterday and provided our group with such an eye-opening and informative session!  It has certainly impacted our staff as it is the talk of the office this morning, with very positive comments and feedback.

Project Officer / Management Services, Finance and Corporate Services

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency / Government of Canada



You are taking so many brave risks as you find ways to use your special talent of shining the light on others in a way that makes the community richer! Well done!!
— Barbara Miller Nix, YMCA Chief Operating Officer Public Sector Programs
Ann was very open and courageous sharing her experiences that encouraged us to share our thoughts opinions and stories. I am grateful for Ann’s personal advice on growing my business and acknowledging my success!

Good morning Ann. When I turned CBC on this morning, I heard your mellifluous voice and knew instantly it was you. You did a marvelous job advancing a conversation that is so important and needs to continue. You are intelligent, measured, relevant, insightful and compassionate. We’re lucky to have you here in this province.

Jill Laing  Public and Media Relations
Eastlink | Marketing (Apr 27, 2018)

I woke up to your beautiful voice on the CBC this morning talking about the unconscious bias training and I knew this day is gonna be a good day! You gave beautiful, informative, and challenging interview! Challenging for all the listeners to come out and start from where they are.  Thank You very much. Huwaida (Apr 27 , 2018)

On behalf of The Advocates' Society and program chairs Michelle C. Awad, Nathalie Godbout, and Mary Lynn Kane, thank you for speaking at our education programAtlantic Women in Litigation Symposium.

Participants really enjoyed your presentation on Overcoming Unconscious Bias in theWorkplace. Allow me to share some of the comments we received:

  • .  Very rejuvenating.

  • .  All in all it was a very inspiring and empowering day. I am glad I attended. lt

    would be nice if men could be flies on the wall and hear all of this.
    . An absolute pleasure to have participated.
    . My expectations were definitely exceeded, and I am looking forward to next year.

    Thank you once again for everything you did to make the program a success. We aregrateful for your support of our education initiatives. lt has been a pleasure working withyou.

    Best regards

Nancy Reason, M.A., B.Ed., LL.B Program Lawyer (April 30, 2018)





You are inspirational: your energy, advocacy and compassion are remarkable.
— Julia Khodos, Adult Services Librarian Information and Readers' Services, Halifax Central Library
Really enjoyed the leadership course. Ann has an awesome personality and her presentation along with her personal experiences really helped me in dealing with things that I need to work on and change.