Ashanti Leadership Services

Our approach to business is that there is “Always room for growth.”

Ashanti Leadership & PDS and their associates, offer services to meet your individual, business and corporate needs in a confidential and timely fashion.

Our services are affordable and we are open to conversations regarding pricing.

We offer consultation in the following areas:

  • Public Speaking and Engagements**

  • Unconscious Bias training**

  • Diversity and Inclusion training**

  • Gender bias and Gender equity training**

  • Cultural Competency**

  • Board and Strategic Management Training*

  • Consultation on Personal & Professional Development*

  • E-Mentoring Programs Globally

  • Career Coaching and Mentoring (in-person and online)**

  • Business Development Support

  • Leadership Development Training*

  • Women’s Leadership Training*

  • Guest Lecturing

  • Connecting & Networking for Relationship Building

  • Workshops Facilitation & Conference Chairing

  • Human Rights Education and Training**

  • Employee Engage

  • Cultural Intelligence initiatives

  • Sexual Harassment Workshops

  • Mental Health in the Workplace

** These are the most frequently requested services.

Where appropriate Ashanti leadership & Development Services will collaborate with Associates to design and deliver customized programs for corporate and individual businesses.