The extraordinary changes in the world of leadership that have occurred in almost two decades none of us could have anticipated.  We have moved from agricultural, manufacturing, and service economy. However, within the last 10 even 5 years, our world has and will continue to change.  Increasingly, we are moving to the fourth industrial revolution and digital transformation. With that comes a different form of leadership.

The economics have changed – moving in an unprecedented prosperity to full-blown recession following the 2008 economic downturn. The World Wide Web has revolutionized the workplace with the most dramatic example of how communication has changed with over 1 billion people using social media to network, conduct business and develop new clientele.

The traditional forms of world leadership theories and practice have long gone and we have become more familiar with a new form – technology, globalization, multigenerational, migration, business diversity and transformation.

In the past leaders relied on human capital. Intellectual Capital today fuels our economy.  No more the building and equipment are the most important assets. “Our knowledge” is the engine and currency of the global economics.

As a result of these significant changes in our business, political, economic social, technological and communities, we need a different type of leadership. 

Participants will learn about what it takes to lead in different context. Drawing on their unique strengths, they will share their knowledge and experiences, using exercises, discussions as well as find new ways to flourish and grow talents in their workplace. Using lessons from traditional leadership to stand in contrast to modern leadership practice.

·      Know yourself before you can lead others.

·      What characteristics are required for leadership in the 21st Century?

·      Types of leadership (Transformational, Mindful, Collaborative, and Transactional)

·      What does good leadership mean to your workers?

·      Leadership and a multigenerational workforce.

·      Leadership and the future of our communities.

·      Knowing the world in which we live, function, and do business.

·      Leading your organization with authenticity.

Ashanti Leadership and Professional Development Services offer a diverse selection of training initiatives that are designed to support today's business needs. The training sessions are customized for individual, businesses and non - profit requirements. A full Needs Assessment is conducted with the organization prior to commencing the program.