One Publication - Three Articles from One Couple - Ann and David Divine

Feeling Joyous, and in gratitude for the gifts that has been bestowed on us.

Feeling Joyous, and in gratitude for the gifts that has been bestowed on us.

We wish to thank My Halifax Experience Magazine and their team of editors for the opportunity to write and have our work published in their magazine.

One publication, One couple and three articles.

This is a historic moment for our family and we are so proud.

It is an incredible experience to be challenged to put your thought into action. This is extremely exciting.

I am looking forward to the day when my husband David Divine finally put his life story in a book. It will be moving and inspirational.

Following his near-fatal accident in 2007 and retirement from his the job that he loved so much, his journey to recovery was hard and long. It took almost 8 years for us to see him emerge as himself.

I cannot begin to comprehend or even process what it was like to recover from such depth of pain and struggles. I only had a glimpse as I watch him worked hard, focus and determined to rebuild his life. It was sheer grit and determination and an extraordinary person to forgive and move past what had been lost. He was always grateful, smiling and giving thanks and through his recovery, he has taught me many lessons in life.

He never took on the negative self-talk, even when people said he would ever recover from his brain injuries or attempt to treat him differently.

David has a strong self-belief, self-awareness and self-worth, coupled with courageousness and gratitude all of which are lessons for us.

We are privileged to be working with together on initiatives, projects.

We each have our separate businesses but we when necessary we collaborate, engage associates and employ the services of subject matter experts. That’s how we work - One Publication, On Couple, Three articles.