Celebrating African Canadian Women Doing Business - Celebrating Cynthia Dorrington


Celebrating our achievements as women of colour is the best way to draw attention to how successful we are. And when we collaborate with other women, we make magic.


Celebrating Cynthia Dorrington's appointment to Chair of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce was important and could not go unrecognized. We are delighted that so many people joined us from all levels of government, political persuasion and communities on Monday evening at the Paul O' Regan's Hall. It was spectacular to see the diverse groups of people and we almost had a full house. The music by Colours of Africa and delicious cuisine from M&J's contributed to a successful event.
Our success is never achieved by oneself but it is a collaborative effort and ideas. Thanks to this amazing group of women who helped me plan Cynthia's night.

The children who performed and received a standing ovation. They were stars.