Fusion Halifax Conference 2018 - Diversity, Inclusion andTransformational Change

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I had the privilege of being asked to present at the Fusion Halifax Conference 2018.

Initially, I was in shock because I was not sure what I could say to a group of young, intelligent, ambitious, creative and innovative future leaders. 

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The topic of my presentation was Diversity, Inclusion and Transformational Change.

I was very surprised at the numbers present at my talk. The group was very diverse and predominantly males. I invited to Re-think, Re-imagine what diversity and inclusion look like the fact that diversity includes white males and it goes beyond potluck and something we do in the workplace. Diversity must also include the things we do in our communities because we are also leaders in our communities and we bring those attitudes, feelings biases and cultures in to the workplace, so they are not separate. 

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The energy in the room was electrifying, our young people did not hesitate to have open conversations about how they view the world and its impact on their lives. 

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I was very surprised at the diversity in the room - a multi-generational group who were excited to learn. Together we shared their individual stories. (my story, your story and our collective stories) People were engaging, and creative in our discussions.

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We talk about what diversity and inclusion really mean to people. Receiving that they are other competitors as the world is changing. What skills are needed in the workplace given that it is ever-changing and digital technology is revolutionizing the workplace.  Skills such as data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation and so much more. 

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Diversity means we have to be more inclusive, look to see who is absent from the table and conversation, make every attempt to include them in all aspect of the decision-making process and valuing their contribution. Recognizing that our world is a much better place when all feel included.