Unconscious Bias - Starbucks June 11, 2018



All Starbucks coffee shops were closed today to take Unconscious Bias Training. this follwed the US training which occurred on May 29, when 8,000 stores were closed for 179,000 staff to be trained following the incident which occurred in Philadephia in April when two black men where arrested while waiting to meet another friend in the store.  The police were called by the store manager. In this case, this was clearly racism becuasethe individual was very aware of what she was doing.

Unconscious Bas occurs when seemingly good people make decisions and are unaware that their behavious is discriminatory.

Unconscious Bias in the workplace is more than one day feels good factor training. It is about every person in the organization being willing to address their own biases and call each other out on a daily basis when people are being treated differently. Recognizing that everyone has bias and it impacts our decision making. We must learn to value each other and engage them at every point. 

I am so glad to see that corporation have finally turned their attention to Unconscious Bias Training. In 2015, when I started this training in Halifax, NS, no one knew about it and looked rather bemused. Now everyone has gotten the message. Let's hope it makes a  difference.

Where do biases come from?

“Unconscious Bias comes from social stereotypes, attitudes, opinions, and stigma we form about certain groups of people outside of our own conscious awareness.”  Ross Cook

It is also know as the new form of discrimination and most dangerous because it is difficult to prove.

“We all carry with us lived experiences that shape who we are and what we believe, and those experiences help guide the decisions we make. But it is important that we also take time to better understand the world view of those who turn to us for relief, particularly when those individuals come from a background different than our own.” Chief Justice Michael MacDonald - June 9, 2018.