African Canadian Women Doing Business

African Canadian When Doing Business AHM 2018

African Canadian Women Doing Business - African Heritage Month 2018

This event was our third annual event in partnership with the Halifax Public Library  and the Black and Immigrant Network Association to celebrate African Heritage Month. Many of our women would not normally have a platform to showcase themselves. Inviting women of colour to share their story and success in business has been empowering, enriching and rewarding. 

Our speakers were Lezlie States, CEO, Maritime Elite Girls Basketball Academy, Amanda White, Quantity Surveyor and Crystal John,  CEO for the Learning Centre in Mulgrave Park. Celebrating our success, sharing stories of triumphs, and failures has taught us that about the strength of our collective voices. 

We were privileged to have prominent community leaders present including Ms Tracey Crawley from Crowning Glory Hair Salon.  It was a opportunity ask questions, share answers and encourage the young business owners in the audience individuals like Jasmine Marsman.