Effective Communication for Leadership in the Workplace

On Monday, June 5, a Closing Ceremony was held for the participants who attended the Effective Communication for Leadership in the Workplace, (led by myself), Ann Divine CEO, Ashanti Leadership, and Professional Development Services.

This training was sponsored by the Spryfield and District Business Commission (S&DBC) in partnership with the Department of Labour and Advanced Education (LAE) for small business owners and potential entrepreneurs to enhance their knowledge and skills to be productive and successful in their businesses. These programs are provided by the Nova Scotia Government free of charge to build skills necessary to increase our competitive advantage in the national and global marketplace. Participants are required to attend class for 40 hours for 10-12 weeks. 

Participants are taught by qualified and experienced instructors, recognized by the LAE, and must be a trained instructor and member of the Association of Workplace Educators of Nova Scotia (AWENS).

So far the S&DBC has hosted over 300 classes in Leadership, Social Media, Business Development, Customer Service Delivery, and more to inform and support business development, growth and sustainability in the community of Spryfield and beyond.

Warmest congratulations to those who completed the 40 hours over weekly 10 sessions. I appreciated your dedication, commitment, and determination to complete the program.

Thank you for the excellent evaluations and feedback you offered.

Here are some comments received from group participants. These were anonymous.

" The Instructor was very caring and easy to communicate with. The interaction between the group was phenomenal!! I think it is very good training and I hope to put my training into my job setting."

" I really enjoyed learning from all the other classmates that I took this course of. There is nothing I would change. I hope that I can become a better leader to mu staff and be a role model that they can look up to."

"Learning about communication styles, I hope to become better at communicating  effectively."

"Learning different ideas of leadership. Learning people's views from different communities and cultures. There is nothing to improve, the course is excellent. I have learned to trust  in myself, my decisions and my business culture."

"Ethically!! Be my authentic self and show my human skills, treat everyone equally and accept diversity and all difference. Be part of the team and do my show."

"Class participation, Instructor knowledge. Wonderful. Use my skills to be the authentic "me"

"Thank you for the opportunity"

"Conversations that increased my knowledge. I hope to become a more effective leader and increase my level of communication."

It has been a tremendous learning experience for me working with this group. They brought a great deal to the table. They also challenged my thinking. 

What I valued most about this group was they were multi-generational and diverse. Participants did not hesitate incorporate information that was of relevance to the topic. They brought ideas and information from their personal experiences, work environment, community, provincial, national and international.

A fantastic group to work with. 
Special thanks to Bruce Holland, Executive Director, S&DBC, Evan Williams and  Roger Peters, LAE Coordinators. This would not have been possible without your support.