Professional Development and Adult Education

Thanks to the Department of Labour and Advanced Education (LAE), Workplace Education Program and the Association of Workplace Education Nova Scotia (AWENS), I have now completed my Professional Development in Adult Education Training. Facilitated by Debbie Lawrence, Abundant Living Inc, Colleen O'Connor, and Robin Jardine, (LAE), and nancy Thompson, Association ofWorkplace Educators of Nova Scotia (AWENS). Special thanks to our Metro Coordinators, Evan Williams and Roger Peters for their on going support.

"Workplace Education is a unique opportunity for organizations to bring relevant, customized training directly to your workplace. By bringing partners together to form a project team, you will work closely with a Workplace Training Coordinator to help assess your company's training needs, develop programs with meaningful content, and create opportunities for your team or business membership to build  and strengthen workplace skills." (The Nova Scotia Workplace Education Initiative).

I am proud to be one of several Workplace Education Instructors who applied and was successful to participate in this training. I now hold my Professional Development Certificate for Adult Education Training.

The program helped tp provide the necessary tools and skills which are needed to work with businesses, institutions and communities and to strengthen our competitative advantage, put Nova Scotia insdustries on a path of continuous learning, and help support businesses with their employees learning needs. Ths means creating high performing and healthy workplaces.

Thanks to everyone who has palyed an active role in this program. Together we shared our thoughts, knowledge, as well as challenged each other's thinking in a respectful and safe space.

My most challenging area was the Practicum. Demonstrating that I can provide 240 minutes (4 hours) of taught content on a weekly basis and the presenting a slice of 30 minutes to my peers and instructors. This enable me to build my skills in the area of setting lesson objectives, and building my lesson plan, and presentation skills to an audience of peers and faciliators who can give constructive feedback. This was an invaluable experience. I learnt a great deal about myself, strengths and areas for improvement as well as a tremendous amoung of information and take away from my peers. 

The knowledge and skills gained fromthis training is transferrable to all aspectof my work as a consultant. So traveling to Truro with my friend and colleagues Corinne Boudeau was well worth it for six weeks. 

So excited that LAE and AWENS chose to invest in me.