Our Trailblazers

Welcome to our trailblazers

While conducting my research for our trailblazer feature, I came across this amazing photograph that captured my imagination and inspired me. I hope it will also have the same impact on you. This image depicted a bevy of intelligent young women. To look at them we could not tell what profession or educational pursuits they are in.

In Nova Scotia, we very rarely see such images. This picture would ordinarily be found in black magazines such as; Essence, or Ebony, and we would look on in awe and feel inspired.  However, today this brilliant photograph is from Nova Scotia, Canada. Some of them are from North Preston and some of Nova Scotia’s finest. They are ambitious and courageous. They are breaking down barriers, forging ahead in spite of disappointments and the challenges faced but they are determined to accomplish their goals. They are role models in our communities.

In this picture alone you will find the following; a Medical Student, a Master of Nursing & Nurse Practitioner, a Business Woman, a Lawyer, a Social Worker, an Athletic Therapist, a Business Owner & Home Decorator and Community Activists (just to name a few).

There is no question about it this group of intelligent, phenomenal, unstoppable young women, who are our future and we must all join in celebrating their success. We must support them, encourage and offer the benefit of our experience as they strive to succeed. We must also be humble enough to learn from them

We encourage them to follow their dreams, stay focused and support each other because they are formidable.

Quote: " Knowling your value means owning your success. Owning your success means acknowledging achievements you build confidence." Mika Brzezinski

The picture and some contents were provided by Verena Rizgwho is also featured in the picture.  She is a qualified Nurse Practitioner.