Unconscious Bias Training June 29, 2016

Thanks to the course participants who made this day possible and a resounding success. 

Five organizations from government, academic institutions, not-for-profit and community were present. The conversations were open, honest as well as interactive. Participants were welling to challenge their own thinking, even though at time it made for uncomfortable discussions. Above all, it was done in a safe and respectful environment.

Participants identified several aspects of the day which they found particularly useful.

The non-agenda, conversations being led by participants, examining one's own biases and becoming aware of them. Thinking about how to interact in a more mindful way.  Others commented that the course was fantastic and they enjoyed the robust conversation and  knowledge sharing. Addressing issues of identify  and ethnicity. Others recognized their privileged status and wished in the future to be more open and mentor in a more mindful manner.

Would participants recommend the course  - absolutely!

I am looking forward to the next session on  Thursday, 22 September 2016.

Once again thank you for attending, generating stimulating discussion and taking us on a journey of continuous learning. I appreciated being in your presence. Your feedback were excellent and are of tremendous value to me.