What stories we tell ourselves about ourselves?

What is the story you tell yourself about yourself?

What is the story you tell people about yourself?

Is there a difference?

Currently I am working with a number of organizations, businesses, institutions and diverse groups of people in various forums, and one of the topics we have been looking at very closely in the last few weeks is Trust.

 We need to listen carefully to the Story we tell ourselves about ourselves. This is important because we can be totally honest with ourselves. How can we trust anyone if we do not trust ourselves? The story we tell people about ourselves can be different – and usually is to the one we tell ourselves. The difference speaks volumes about our capacity to reach out to others.

 Many of the conversations I have had are with people who have lost confidence and trust for a variety of reasons not only with themselves but with others and we have to find ways of rebuilding that trust

First of all, we have to start with ourselves as individuals. Part of that rebuilding of trust is building confidence and the creation of stories we individually tell ourselves about ourselves.

In 2014 just as I was starting my business, I was living in London, UK, for a few months.  I had the opportunity to attend and participate in a number of business forums. What I learnt from a number of these sessions hosted by organizations such as the Dale Carnige Institute and Evercoach, I was to define my business. I was asked to share my story in 90 seconds to different audiences. This was tough but worthwhile.

Here is what I learnt:

Most, if not all of us, know motivational speakers have a story to tell and if you listen carefully it is the same story that is being told over and over again.

My best examples are Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins, and Joel Osteen. I mention them because they are my favourite and “go to” motivational speakers. Each of us have our own.

Lisa Nichols says that we need to have at least 14 stories at the ready that we could tell about ourselves.

Here is my list I have created for myself.

1.     My vision for myself

2.     My Mission for my business

3.     My passion

4.     My purpose

5.     What drives me to succeed?

6.     What keeps me motivated?

7.     How do I manage disappointment?

8.     How do I deal with failure?

9.     How do I respond to criticism?

10.   Do I have mentors or close confidants?

11.  What is my greatest accomplishment?

12.  What keep me awake at nights?

13.  How do I celebrate success?

14.  Do I have a 90 seconds pitch at the ready?

15.  Don’t embellish anything about your story

16.  Tell your own story and not someone else’s

17.  Listen to your own voice

18.  Get comfortable with your own voice

19.  What story do you tell about your integrity?

      What story are you telling about your Unique Selling   Proposition?

20.  What is your own value proposition?

21.  What story do you tell about your competitive edge?

22.  How authentic is your story?

23.  Can you trust me based on story? Do I believe my own story?          

24.  Would you purchase my brand based on my story?

25.  Your story must be based trust and integrity?

Stories are about lived lives. From your story individuals can be granted privileged access to yourself. If you like a shop window through which others get a chance to see you what we have to offer.