My Nova Scotia Careers Development Association Conference Experience

White Point Beach is an incredible place. It was my first visit and I will definitely return for a few more days. The sea air and ocean waves were very invigorating. It just draws you in! 

Being in the presence of like-minded people, the opportunity for learning was all part of the "Synergy in Diversity" that had been created. the keynote address  was presented by Joseph Boyden, Award Winning Novelist & Aboriginal Advocate. the common theme of his work is to address the inequalities of the Native people.  He has a passion to help those Aboriginals who struggle against respect and equality.  He shared aspects of his own life story which was very captivating. Over the two days there were many workshops and activities for leading. This included my own workshop which addressed Unconscious Bias. Ina packed room with standing room only, participants were prepared to challenge their thinking. They became comfortable with the uncomfortable to touch on our individual biases which is inherent in all of us. The close address was delivered by Dr Wanda Thomas Bernard, with a call to action for the coming year.

 Thanks to the Nova Scotia Careers Development Association for the opportunity to participate at the conference. I enjoyed the time spent in the presence of individuals who are passionate about their careers and the clients they serve. Their commitment to Employment Nova Scotia is evident in the delegates determination to obtain accreditation and build on their current skills. This was an exceptional conference and I can't wait to see what 2017 would look like.