In the News

This time of year is always special in Halifax. Somehow the city comes alive. 
The diversity of colours from the different universities, gowns and caps, families of all ages from home and abroad descended on the city of Halifax. 

Congratulations to Jason MacLean, who was elected as the new president of the NSGEU. In his first speech, Jason spoke about how he experiences racism in the workplace and how the union helped him. The NSGEU is more than 31,000 strong members, which makes it the largest union in Nova Scotia. His goal is to continue to build the union and create a sense of pride for the NSGEU across the province. Jason will take a leave of absence for three years from the Correctional Service. He has also promised to make mental health a focus of his tenure. 
We wish Jason every success in his new role.

We also want to wish Joan Jessome, former president of the Nova Scotia and General Employees Union (NSGEU) a long and happy retirement. Thank you for your hard work over the years. Being at the helm as a female leader, it was not easy but you stood for your values, and the values of your members, by staying committed to the cause of equality.
Congratulation to the young stars, women and men who have graduated. Those who have received honorary degrees have all contributed to the cultural intelligence and future prosperity of our province.  

From conversations with employers, it would appear that the current trend is that many of our graduates and returning students are now choosing to stay in Halifax. This is fantastic news for our growing economy.

We wish them every success in their future endeavours. Many of whom want to start their own businesses in our province.

Congratulations to Immigrant Settlement Association of Nova Scotia, the Y, Refugee Clinic, and the general public for the work done with our newly landed Syrians. They are in the process of establishing themselves. Some have been able to find work others are still waiting. Some of the families recently got together and raised $500.00 to send to families in Forth McMurray. They are already contributing and giving back.