Racism Perspectives

The session was held at Halifax Central Library.

Over 280 people attended with 90 online viewers join in the conversation on Racism Perspectives.

The event was hosted in partnership with The Canadian Centre for Ethics and Policy in Public Affairs (CCEPA) and ENRICH  addressing Racism in our society.


The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs and The ENRICH Project are pleased to present the second in a four-part series on Racism: White, Black, Immigrant and Indigenous Perspectives.

How and why do the impacts of history persist? How is racism directly or indirectly manifested in our society?  What are our obligations to address racism? How do we reconcile divisions created by racism? How do we directly or indirectly reinforce racism?  How is racism holding us back?

 Ann Divine, Ashanti Leadership and Professional Development Services

Lindell Smith, Community Library Assistant (Teen Focus), Halifax North Memorial Library

Robert Wright, Registered Social Worker and Sociologist

Barbara Hamilton-Hinch, Professor, School of Health and Human Performance, Dalhousie University.

 The Moderator: Dr. Ingrid Waldron, Professor, School of Nursing, Dalhousie University

FEBRUARY 24, 2016  7pm




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In case you missed Part 1 on White Perspectives, you can watch it HERE