#Mycwi102iwd2017 and BBI's 20th Anniversary Celebrations

bbi framed anniversary pic.jpg

Some of those in "My Circle Women and Girls Who Have Influence Me" #Mycwgi102iwd2017, were present at the celebration of BBI's 20th anniversary celebration last night. These are among the most influential, incredibly successful women in the Black community who are making a significant impact on the economy of Nova Scotia. They included Barbara Miller Manning, Darla Johnson, Eleanor Beaton, Debbie Johnson, Tracey Thomas, Crystal Taylor, Sylvia Parris, Dr Mayann Francis, Sylvia Wedderburn, Akira McQuay, Amber Grosse and many others were present. We even had a group of young girls who are already doing business in our community. The vibrancy of the evening demonstrated how powerful we are when we work together. This magic is not often seen or reported on in the mainstream media. I'm so proud that we are making a difference bringing economic prosperity and helping to sustain our economy.
I was privileged to be included in the 20th Anniversary edition of the magazine. The article was written by Abena Amoako-Tuffour.
So I had to share my excitement with my youngest granddaughter. She was so attentive looking at my picture. That could be her one day.