Leadership in the Workplace

#Mycwgi96#iwd2017, I cannot allow myself to start my day without thanking an extraordinary group of women, with whom I shared 13 weeks. Together we exchanged sentiments, opinions, on a wide range of leadership topics. We also had some very, spirited and uncomfortable conversations but we often came out stronger for allowing our views to be heard, respected, validated. (Although the class was not entirely made up of women).  We shared our sadness as women together when Hillary Clinton lost the election because we had envisioned our world with women leaders at the helm on November 9, 2016. Women who knew their own minds (Such as Angela Merkel of Germany, Theresa May, United Kingdom, Christine Legard, International Monetary Fund, Michelle Obama, First Lady and Oprah Winfrey, Entrepreneur, to name but a few. We believe in these women. The glass ceiling would have been truly shattered. Every week we solved organizational challenges, broke down barriers and led mega organizations. We have rebuilt Nova Scotia's economy a thousand times and made it more diverse. We allowed ourselves to dream big dreams. And our imagination soared.

Last week when the teachers when on strike, this amazing group made alternative arrangements for their children (young mums) and were determined not to miss class.  I know that we have grown in strength, wisdom and confidence as ambitious women leaders. On Monday, December 12, we shared our excitement about the historic move by the Bank of Canada to have a woman, and a black woman, Viola Desmond on the $10.00 bill. the irony was not lost that this denomination among the notes is the largest circulation and our consciousness will continue to be raised We have a lot to celebrate in Canada.

Oh, this multigenerational group of Women thought of everything and they are powerful. They took me to some new heights! together we were brilliant.

Without a doubt, they have joined, "My Circle of Women and Girls Who Have Influenced Me"

Thanks to the Spryfield and District Business Development in Partnership with the Department of Labour and Advanced Education for sponsoring this program and giving me the opportunity to tutor the "Leadership in the Workplace" program.  Thanks to everyone!