#Mycwgi103iwd2017 Our youngest can teach us too!

#Mycwgi103iwd2017. Even the young among us can influence and teach us too about ourselves.
In the summer, I spent two glorious weeks with our son, daughter-in-law and our three wonderful children on the paradise island of Bermuda.  

The family had a new puppy, an immigrant no less from Jamaica. How funny that was. They had warned me, knowing my fear of dogs, that a new puppy was in the house.  For the first, few days, I was screaming and running from this little creature, who just wanted to play with me.  The more I screamed, the more he chased me around the house. Until one day, my three-year-old granddaughter  who had probably had enough of me making a spectacle of myself, in her sternest  little voice said, "GG!! say no to Jet."  I must confess, I was so astonished that she knew how to take command of a situation. She also gesticulating as she spoke, showing me what to do. After several attempts, I  finally got it. Yes, I was firm with the puppy and from then on we became friends. I could now sit quietly, play with our grandchildren with little disruption. My fears were gone and I could treat Jet like everyone in the family, either by using a firm voice or hand gestures. She most definitely is in "My Circle of Women and Girls who Influenced me."