"My Circle of Women and Girls who Influenced Me" #Mycwgi105iwd2017 May Chung

#Mycwgi105iwd2017: May Chung, (Professor #NSCADUniversity), My Chinese sister, we share the same birthday, she's funny, keeps me grounded, feeds me with Chinese medicine and soup when I'm sick. She's passionate about design and education, she loves her work.

The idea of this circle started two years ago when I discussed it with my son Ephraim, and I told him that I wanted to create a Gallery of Women and girls from around the world who are in my life and influenced me. He said, "mumzie go for it." At the time, I didn't have a blog or a platform to do what I wanted to share. Thanks to him, I can start now!  He created my website and here I am. He is such a great inspiration and advisor to me.
When I do the men, he'll be my number one guy.

It was 108 days to the celebration of International Women's Day, 2017 last Thursday, November 22, 2016, and I said, I would send a daily tweet about those women and girls who have influenced me. They will be in no particular order. I will  also try to obtain as many of their images as possible to share. My goal is to share my personal gallery of Women and girls for International Women's Day 2017.

I started with #katieIngram, Journalist and lecturer at #KingsCollegeUniversity, who have written a number of articles on me and she makes me feel  and look good. She also made me thing of taking forward the idea. These women and girls are in no particular order. Day 108. 

The next, Mycwi107iwd, was Barbara Miller, #YMCA, she is always there, take me for drives, we watch the sunset at Ketch Harbour and Sambro. We drink hot chocolate with whipped cream and I feels wonderful. We're there for each other.

#Mycwiday106, belonged to all those women in my life, growing up as a young girl, in my family, church, schools, teachers, university, my first job, and strangers etc. Generally, those who women who wished me well because I am a woman, we share womanhood, regardless of race, religion or culture. Many have pronounced blessings and gratitude on me for the little things I have done to recognized them. They have often wished me well.

Follow me and see if you are among the "Circle of Women and girls Who Influenced me."