Business Cohort for Women Leadership - Winter 2017 Training Survey

The Black Business Initiative is about to embark on their Winter 2017 training initiatives. Some of our members and supporters requested information in the past about the Business Cohort for Women Leadership (BCWL) training. I have included the link provided by BBI. Please review the link and click if you would like to participate in the BCWL training please contact the BBI's Office.

Business Cohort for Women Leadership (BCWL)

The BCWL program is specifically designed to engage women of colour in leadership initiatives and raise their sights about what they can achieve. Since 2014, there has been tremendous interest in the program. It is the only program of its kind in our province. Thanks to the BBI leadership and Evan Williams, Labour and Advance Education who continue to sponsor such an initiatives to strengthen our capacity, professional growth, to define our own destiny, and gain recognition contribution to the economic stability of our province.

We have seen tremendous interest in this program. We are also delighted that those who have participated in the  BCWL program have gone on to accomplish a great deal in their career.

We have seen individuals gaining confidence to apply for senior positions, run for public office, starting their own businesses and changing their careers. Many have attributed their confidence to attending the Business Cohort for Women Leadership program.  

 In the BBI's 2015 annual report  the BCWL program was listed as the highest attended of listed training.

The program is valued at $5,000 + HST and is free to all participants.