Vision: Support people find their unique self and unlock their passion and potential.

Mission: Empower others, and to affirm belief in oneself to lead others.

Ashanti Leadership and Professional Development Services is best known for supporting people's quest to discover themselves and their unique potential.  Empowering people to be best they can be. Drawing on their inner strength, residence, creative and innovative intelligence to engage, empower and inspire others.  Provides them with the skills and tools to be confident in determining their own destiny.

Ashanti Leadership & PDS believes that there is “Always room to grow” and that each individual has the capacity to make it happen by exploring their passion, strength, social skills, and self-awareness.

Ashanti Leadership & PDS believes in the power of diversity of intelligence and what can be accomplished by having diverse voices included at the decision-making table.

Ashanti Leadership & PDS goal is to strengthen the capacity of organizations to be inclusive and has created an array of career and professional initiative, guidance, and training  which organizations can use in the areas of leadership development, women and leadership, coaching and mentoring, business advice,  social research, human rights education, conflict resolution and diversity and inclusion. 

Ashanti Leadership & PDS has worked with a number of major organizations, corporate institutions, and not-for-profits to provide support in achieving their mandate in diverse strategic management areas. Also, give guidance to corporations with their strategies to become more culturally diverse and inclusive, recognizing the value of difference and collaboration to enable organizations and individuals, their unique self. 

Ashanti Leadership & PDS frequently collaborates with other organizations and individuals to connect through networking initiatives and events.

Ashanti Leadership & PDS provides customized and individualized training for personal development, organizations, corporate businesses, academic institutions, and communities.

Ashanti Leadership & PDS is available to provide services in executive coaching and mentoring,  public speaking engagements, guest lecturing, training and education, workshop facilitation, and conference chairing

Ashanti Leadership & PDS collaborates with associate professionals from time to time on major initiatives, to provide individual and organizations enhancement and contribution.

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CEED Case Study

A case study on Ashanti Leadership & PDS by the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development.